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Veterinary Assisting

This program of choice is for students that have an interest in increasing their knowledge of animals. The purpose of this program is to develop an understanding of Veterinary and related careers. One goal of the program is to prepare students for employment or advanced training in the animal/ veterinary industry. The program focuses on broad, transferable skills and stresses the understanding and demonstration of a wide variety of elements related to the veterinary assisting and animal science industries. 
Students will gain real world experience with various species including dogs, horses, cattle, etc. through our high quality dog grooming and livestock facilities.  A variety of guest veterinarians provide additional training for our students, providing authentic hands-on experiences.  In addition, motivated students can pursue their Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) Certification through the Florida Veterinary Medical Association.  CVA requirements include coursework, demonstration of specific skills, practical experience in a veterinary clinic and an online exam.

All FPCHS Veterinary/Agriscience students become members of the Bunnell FFA.  FFA encourages members to develop important skills including but not limited to communications, leadership and teamwork. In addition members make lasting friendships and provide opportunities to travel, earn recognition, scholarships and participate in a variety of competitions. 

If you are interested in applying for this Program of Choice please complete the Program of Choice Application.

Vet Assisting

Program Components

The overall program includes classroom instruction, SAE (activities based on student’s individual interest) and FFA (an integral part of the program), provides opportunities to develop leadership, life skills and more.

Veterinary Assisting 1
Explore career opportunities; safety; terminology, canine & feline care and identification; animal behavior; employability skills.

Veterinary Assisting 2
First aid; anatomy & physiology; livestock & horse care and identification; handling & restraint.

Veterinary Assisting 3
Career preparation; nutrition; reproduction; exotics and pocket pets; leadership.

Veterinary Assisting 4
Diagnostics; disease control; animal welfare/rights; sanitation.

Course Progression

Grade 9:
Agriscience Foundations

Grade 10:
Veterinary Assisting 1

Grade 11:
Veterinary Assisting 2

Grade 12:
Veterinary Assisting 3 & 4

Students Learning About Animal Care

Program Requirements

Agriscience Foundations is the introductory course for the Veterinary Assisting Program of Choice.

Students should be comfortable working with and around animals as well as outdoors.

Students in the Veterinary Assisting Program are encouraged to participate in the variety of activities provide by the school FFA chapter.

Requirements for earning the CVA (Certified Veterinary Assistant) Certification:

  • Completion of FPC Veterinary Assisting Program courses
  • Demonstration of designated veterinary skills
  • Practical experience in veterinary clinic
  • Online exam

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Agriscience Foundations credit count for?
It can be used as a science credit, an elective credit OR a fine arts credit.

Do I have to take Agriscience Foundations to enroll in Veterinary Assisting?
As a freshmen you must take Agriscience Foundations to be enrolled in the Veterinary Assisting Program for School Choice.

Do I have to join FFA?
All Florida Agricultural students are automatically members of the FFA through a statewide affiliation program. Students do not pay dues and and may choose to participate in the FFA opportunities that interest them.

Program Opportunities

  • Honors Grade Weighting
  • Industry Certifications:
    • Agriscience Foundations - AEST Agricultural Associate
    • Veterinary Assisting 2 - AEST Animal Science Specialist
    • Veterinary Assisting 3/4 - FVMA Certified Veterinary Assistant
  • FFA Competitions and Recognition
  • Career Development Events(Contests)
  • Guest speakers/lecturers
  • Frequent visits to FPC off-campus farm
  • Frequent visits to local veterinary clinics
  • Experience running all aspects the on-campus Doggie Day Spa