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Technical Agricultural Operations

This program of choice is for students that are interested in various activities related to electrical systems, plumbing/irrigation, welding and mechanics. These courses are designed to develop competencies in the areas of safety; selection and use of tools; planning and building projects and construction of agricultural structures including the use of electrical circuits, plumbing, concrete and masonry; and employability skills. 

If you are interested in applying for this Program of Choice please complete the Program of Choice Application.


About the Program 

The FPC Agritechnology program prepares students for various careers in agricultural fields. Students who complete the program of study are equipped with skills to be successful in college, trade school, or entry level agriculturerelated jobs. Students experience topics related to plant science, animal science, agricultural mechanics and agribusiness.

Program Progression

  • Agriscience Foundations
  • Agritechnology 1
  • Agritechnology  2


Students Learning About Agritechnology

Program Requirements

Students who enroll in the agritechnology program should be interested in agriculture-related fields.

They will often complete hands-on projects and go outside, and should be open to new opportunities and experiences.

Students who successfully complete Agriscience Foundations will advance to Agritechnology 1, and then on to Agritechnology 2.

Students should be comfortable working with and around animals as well as outdoors. Students should be interested in being an active member of the school’s FFA chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a club I can join?
The National FFA Organization is an intra-curricular part of agricultural education. All students enrolled in agriculture classes in Florida are automatically FFA members. Students do not pay dues and may choose not to participate in events. FFA offers many opportunities for students to explore career options and boost their leadership potential through competitive events, conferences, and community events.

How often do classes go outside?
There is no set schedule for when classes will go outside, but it averages about once a week.

What is required for me to continue in the program?
Students who wish to continue in the Agritechnology program must uphold passing grades and minimal behavior issues.

Program Opportunities

  • Hands-on experience with plants and animals
  • Gain 'real life' skills that can be used frequently, no matter your career path
  • Multiple opportunities for industry certifications in the agriculture field