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Technical Agricultural Operations

This program of choice is for students that are interested in various activities related to electrical systems, plumbing/irrigation, welding and mechanics. These courses are designed to develop competencies in the areas of safety; selection and use of tools; planning and building projects and construction of agricultural structures including the use of electrical circuits, plumbing, concrete and masonry; and employability skills. 

If you are interested in applying for this Program of Choice please complete the Program of Choice Application.


As part of the Technical Agricultural Operations program students will take the following courses:

  • Agriscience Foundations (Freshmen)
  • Technical Agriculture Operations 2 (Sophomore)
  • Technical Agriculture Operations 3 (Junior)
  • Technical Agriculture Operations 4 (Senior)
  • Agriculture Directed Studies (Individual Course Work) (Junior/Senior)
  • Agriculture On the Job Training (Junior/Senior)


As part of completing the Technical Agricultural Operations program students will be eligible to take the following certification exams:

  • AEST Agricultural Associate (Agriscience Foundations)
  • AEST Agricultural Mechanics Specialist (Technical Agriculture Operations 3)
  • AEST Agritechnology Specialist (Technical Agriculture Operations 2–3)