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Allied Health

The Flagler Schools Classroom-to-Careers initiative ensures that all students have the opportunity to, “grow, explore, and succeed.” The goal is to make sure that students are graduating aware, eligible, and prepared for careers in Flagler County. Each program of study developed through the Classroom-to-Careers initiative has been carefully constructed to align with a Flagler County targeted industry or specific community need.

It is said that students are Flagler County’s greatest export. It is our hope that through the Classroom-to-Careers initiative and our programs of study, this will no longer be the case. Students may leave and go off to college, but the hope is that they will return to fill jobs in our own community. As our community's needs continue to evolve, so must our programs of study.

Advent Health is currently the largest employer in Flagler County, and their workforce needs are growing. The upward trend in health-related career growth can be seen throughout the state and nation. It is an excellent time for students to pursue a health-related career path. 

The FPCHS Allied Health medical program of study is a 3–4 year program focused on preparing students for a career in the medical field. The program is open to all 9th and 10th grade students who are currently enrolled in Biology, or have already successfully completed Biology and passed the associated exam.


High School courses will include Medical Skills and Services, Health Science Anatomy and Physiology, Health Science Foundations, and Allied Health Assisting.


Students who complete the program will have the opportunity to earn multiple industry certifications:

  • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Phlebotomy
  • EKG Tech
  • Certified Nursing Assistant


As part of this program, students will also be able to participate in several different types of field experiences: Intern for a Day, Career Exploration Tours, and even semester-long internships. These experiences will allow our students to build their own professional network and learn right alongside experts in our local medical community. Students enrolled in this program of study will also have the opportunity to dual enroll with Flagler Technical College to complete the Certified Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Technician programs.


Students who are interested in the FPCHS Medical Program should select the program on their Course Selection Sheets, and complete a program of choice application.


Allied Health

Program Components

The Allied Health program is taught at FPC in a state-of-the art lab with a teacher who has 25 years of nursing experience.

Students gain knowledge and
experience on campus with a
variety of components of the health science field.

The program culminates with clinical experience on site at the local Advent Health branch.

Students Practicing CPR

Course Progression

9th grade:

  • Health Science Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biology Honors

10th grade:

  • Health Science Foundations
  • Chemistry

11th grade:

  • Electrocardiograph Technician

12th grade core courses:

  • Allied Health Assisting



Entrance Requirements

Incoming students should have passing scores (level 3 or above) on both ELA and Science exams in eighth grade.

Students should be interested in the health science field and comfortable working with various patients in a clinical setting.

Program Opportunities

  • Industry certification opportunities:
    • Certified Patient Care Assisting
    • EKG
    • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Clinical rotations at AdventHealth
  • Hands-on experience
  • Numerous opportunities to shadow medical professionals
  • Program taught by licensed and professional nurse
Students Learning Anatomy