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The Entrepreneurship Program of Study is a new program being offered at FPC.

Students in this program will develop different skills such as problem solving and critical thinking using an entrepreneurial mindset. These skills can be used in the classroom and real world to build a life for future FPC entrepreneurs. 

This program is considered a Program of Choice. Incoming 9th grade students are encouraged to apply using the Programs of Choice Application.

Program Benefits

  • Authentic, hands-on learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Competitive events
  • Creating their own businesses
  • Organizations to support learning (NFTE & DECA)
  • Building current workforce skills
ESB Certification

Entrepreneurship Small Business Certification

Program Achievements

DECA Competition
  • 5 state qualifiers
  • Campaigns received national recognition at the THRIVE award level
NFTE Competition
  • 9 Regional Qualifiers
  • 3 State Qualifiers
  • 3 National Qualifiers

Program Components

Flagler Palm Coast High School's Entrepreneurship Program offers a comprehensive curriculum aligned with academic standards and technical skills in Marketing, Sales, and Service. The program aims to
introduce entrepreneurship as a viable career, equip students with skills for realistic self-evaluation as business owners, and provide fundamental knowledge to start and operate a business.

Course Progression

Level 1: Principles of

Level 2: Business
Management & Law

Level 3: Business Ownership

Students on a Field Trip
Students in an Entrepreneur Class

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the curriculum cover?
The curriculum is designed to cover a wide range of entrepreneurial topics, including business planning, critical thinking, and strategic skills necessary for success in the Marketing, Sales, and Service career cluster.

How does the program provide practical

Students actively engage in hands-on projects, internships, and partnerships with local businesses, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Are there opportunities for networking with
professionals in the field?

Yes, the program facilitates networking opportunities through guest speakers and industry professionals, providing valuable connections within the local business community.

What extracurricular activities are available?
Students can participate in DECA competitions, and events focused on entrepreneurship, fostering creativity, teamwork, and a deeper connection to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Program Opportunities

  • Dedicated nationally-recognized curriculum through NFTE
  • Offers practical, real-world experience in business and marketing
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Networking opportunities
  • Partnerships with local businesses
  • Co-curricular opportunities through DECA
  • Industry certification in ESB
    (Entrepreneur/Small Business)