Dress Code

Students are required to wear a school uniform at all times while attending school, or any school-sponsored activity during the school day. Uniforms are necessary for the safety and welfare of students and school personnel. They create an environment that supports learning by encouraging a sense of pride and belonging, where student individuality is expressed through personality and achievement.

All staff members are required to enforce the dress code. The administration/designee will be the final judge as to whether a student’s clothing meets policy requirements.

Shirts/Top Attire
  • Collared polo/button shirt with sleeves. No undergarments may be visible.
  • No sheer, lace, rips, tears, holes or cutout shirts.
  • No tank tops, sleeveless tops, camisole tops, or plain t-shirts.
  • Neckline dresses with sleeves are allowed only.
  • FPCHS shirt gear may be worn on any school day.
  • Sweatshirts/hoodies may be worn, however, it is required that a proper dress code shirt is worn beneath.
Pants/Bottom Attire
  • Denim jeans, slacks, shorts, skirts and dresses must be without tears, tatters or holes.
  • Skirts, shorts and neckline dresses with sleeves: no shorter than 4 inches from the knee all around.
  • Pants must fit securely on waist. No undergarments may be visible.
  • Sweatpants, joggers, athletic pants/shorts, no FPCHS athletic or PE shorts and leggings are not acceptable.
No hats, visors or head coverings may be worn inside of the building.

For the complete dress code policy, please view the Flagler Schools Secondary Code of Student Conduct.