IB Assessments

IB Assessments are divided into two categories as follows:

External Assessments
  • These are exams that students sit for in May.
  • They are comprised of two or three individual paper exams that take place in one, two, or (in some cases) three separate exam sessions spread out normally over two days.
  • External assessments are pen and paper exams.
  • External assessments account for generally 70 to 80 percent of the IB student's score for the course.
  • External assessments are graded by international examiners around the world using universal assessment criteria.

Internal Assessments
  • These are projects, labs, oral commentaries, and essays that students complete as part of required classwork.
  • Internal assessments take place well before the external assessments, usually midway to three-quarters of the way through the year.
  • Internal assessments account for 20 to 30 percent of the IB student's total score.
  • Internal assessments are graded by the teacher.
  • Student samples are then sent to international moderators to be checked for compliance with IB standards.

2022 Assessments
The IB Assessment Office has announced that the FPCHS IB Exams in May 2022 will be administered in the traditional pen and paper format.

2023 Assessments
IB has announced its intention to maintain all assessments for the IB Class of 2023 after mitigating and amending assessments for the IB Classes of 2021 and 2022. Main points from this announcement from the IB Director of World Schools and from the Director of Learning and Teaching are copied below:

The Plan for 2023
We know that the pandemic is far from over, with varying challenges across the globe, particularly in light of the Delta variant. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and listen to our schools, educators, and students as we move toward 2023. However, we know that you are already beginning to plan for students starting their studies, or in many cases have already begun teaching those students who will be sitting assessments in 2023, we wanted to provide an update of the current plan toward 2023.

In 2023, students undertaking the DP, CP, and MYP will complete the full suite of assessments as outlined in program and subject documentation on the program resource center. Assessments will return to the published model for all subjects and components.

The plan for assessments in 2023 is subject to change. Changes announced by the IB will be added to this page.