Thanks to the community's support of our Flagler County Half-Cent Sales Tax, all FPCHS students have the opportunity to use a MacBook Air.

Students who wish to become a Regular User so that they may take home their loaned MacBook will need to: 

Macbook Pro
1) Read over the Digital Learning Handbook

2) Read over the Student Technology Repair and Replacement Fee Schedule.

3) Fill out the online Device Loan Form

4) Pay the Technology Usage Fee Online via SchoolPay. If a student is on free or reduced lunch they will qualify for a reduced Technology Usage Fee. The free and reduced lunch application form can be found here. Families who do not have Internet access can use the computer in the FPCHS Student Hub to access SchoolPay during normal school hours. Families who are unable to submit an online payment may visit with our techs in our tech office during 1st period for other options.

5) Students picking up a laptop once the school year has started will need to do so during 1st period in the tech office.

Students who wish to become a Day User so that they may check out a laptop each morning from the BLC and return it before they leave each day will need to:
Pexels photo of macbook
1) Remember that this option does not allow the student to take home the

2) Read over the Digital Learning Handbook. 

3) Read over the Student Technology Repair and Replacement Fee Schedule

4) Fill out the online Student Day User / Opt Out Form.

5) There is no Technology Usage Fee for this option, however, in case of damage the student will be responsible for the full repair/replacement cost as outlined in the Technology Repair & Replacement Fee Schedule linked above.

6) Once all the above have been completed, please follow up at the BLC. Laptops will be checked in and out (before and after school) each day from the BLC.

Seniors please remember that you will need to plan ahead to make good on all of your school library and laptop fines before you will be able to receive your diploma.

Transfer and Withdrawing Students (copied from our Digital Learning Handbook):

Please ensure the return of the device and all accessories in good working condition before the student transfers or before the student withdraws from school. Devices will be inspected by school/district technology specialists to determine if any fines will be assessed at this time.

If you are transferring to another school (out-of-county) or withdrawing, you will have 48 hours to return the computer to its home school. If you do not timely and fully comply with the return of Flagler Schools' property, the District shall be entitled to declare you in default and the District equipment will be reported to authorities as stolen.

Transferring students (in-county) within the same school year will not have to pay usage fees a second time. Previously completed usage agreements still apply. Any fines will follow the student until paid. Transferring students will need to turn in their device to the tech office before transferring. Students will then need to visit the tech office of their new school to be assigned a device.

Procedures for reporting stolen laptops (copied from our Digital Learning Handbook):

Off campus:
In the event of your device being stolen outside of school, a police report must to be filed within 24 hours to the local law enforcement agency where the incident occurred.

Once a stolen property report has been filed, you will be given a case number.
You will need to inform your school of the theft the next school day. The case number will be needed when reporting theft. Please make the report in the BLC or Dean's Office.

On campus:
In the event of your device being stolen on campus, notify the Dean’s Office or BLC immediately. (If an incident occurs on campus after regular school hours, such as a sporting event, report within 24 hours or on next school day).

A stolen property report must also be filed with the SRD, and you will be given a case number.

After an investigation, it will be determined if the loss is due to negligence or if the device was stolen.

More technology information here.