Lisa Figueras, LPN
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Students will always be permitted to visit the Clinic in case of illness. Any student being dismissed through the Clinic with a fever of 100.4 or above or vomiting will be required to remain out of school for 24 hours.


Students are not permitted to bring medication to school, self administer or carry medication with the exception of EpiPens and inhalers. EpiPens and inhalers may be carried and self administered with proper documentation from the prescribing physician and a parent/guardian. 

Prescription medication will be administered through the Clinic at designated times. All prescribed medication must be brought to school by a parent/guardian and be accompanied by the proper documentation from the prescribing physician and parent/guardian.

Non-prescription medications will be administered through the Clinic. Parents/guardians must bring a new unopened bottle of the medication to the Clinic and complete the proper documentation. 

All medications are to be picked up by the parent/guardian by noon on the final day of the school year. Any remaining medication will be destroyed following approved procedures.

Assistive Devices
Students requiring the use of assistive devices after an injury or surgery (crutches, wheelchair, walking boot) must comply with the Assistive Device Policy. The physician and parent/guardian must complete a permission form for assistive devices to be utilized during school hours. Forms provided by personal physicians cannot be accepted.

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