How is i3 Academy different from traditional high schools?
The i3 Academy embraces three key elements that set us apart from traditional schools.

A culture that empowers: Our culture of trust, respect, and responsibility empowers scholars and facilitators with exceptional ownership of the learning environment. Our students are given a level of responsibility similar to what they might experience in a professional workplace.

Teaching that engages: Our instruction is based on Project- and Problem-Based Learning (PBL & PrBL). Our students learn by doing, completing projects and solving problems that are relevant to their lives or the community.

Technology that enables: Smart use of technology supports our innovative approaches to instruction and culture. Each scholar has access to a MacBook Air that allows them to become self-directed learners who no longer rely primarily on teachers or textbooks for knowledge.

Why do students choose to go to i3 Academy?
Our scholars come for a variety of reasons, but most were attracted to the project-based learning, the use of technology, and the culture.

If I go to i3 Academy may I participate in Clubs, Athletics, etc.?
Our i3 scholars are FPCHS students, so they have the same opportunities to participate in clubs and sports offered at the main campus. There are also i3 Academy clubs that students could attend.

Does the i3 Academy cover the same state standards as Flagler-Palm Coast High School?
Yes. The i3 Academy is part of FPCHS and is therefore required to uphold the same state standards adopted by the state of Florida. Our scholars are also required to take the End of Course (EOC) exams, which assess our scholars on their mastery of the standards for each course.

Do i3 scholars still have homework?
Yes. Whether it is a portion of a project that needs to be completed for an upcoming deadline, a reading assignment, or a paper to write, scholars at i³ do sometimes have to complete work outside of the classroom. If Internet connectivity is not available at home, scholars are always welcome to stay after school.

If someone in my group doesn't do their part of a project, will it hurt my grade?
Most projects and problems are assessed using a variety of measures that ensure an individual grade for each student.

Will i3 scholars graduate with FPCHS students?
Yes, i3 scholars are FPCHS students. They will receive special graduation cords to show they were i3 students.

What are integrated courses?
An integrated course is one course in which two subjects are taught and assessed together by two teachers as one fluid learning experience. For example, BioLit covers both Biology and English I.

Can i3 scholars take elective courses on the main campus of FPCHS?
Absolutely, our scholars are encouraged to take an elective on the main campus. This will allow our scholars to have access to a wide variety of course offerings.

Where is the i3 Academy located?
The i3 Academy is located in the 300 building on the FPCHS campus. It is next to the music rooms and behind the 800 gymnasium.

Do i3 scholars have to wear a uniform?
Yes, we are still part of FPCS, so our scholars all follow the FPCHS uniform policy. For more information on this policy, it can be found in the FPCHS Student Code of Conduct at fpcbulldogs.com.

Can i3 Academy scholars participate in Dual Enrollment or AP coursework?
Yes! All i3 scholars are able to take any courses offered at FPCHS, so long as they fit with their schedule. Students must meet the same requirements for dual enrollment that main campus students must meet. AP classes are offered on the main campus at FPCHS and students are able to take those courses if they fit into their schedule.

Where do i3 scholars eat lunch?
Most i3 scholars eat lunch on the i3 campus unless the scholar has a class on the main campus for third period. The scholar could either stay on the main campus and have lunch or walk back to the i3 campus to eat there.

If I am not zoned for FPCHS, can I still attend the i³ Academy?
Yes, the i3 Academy is open to all 9th12th grade students in Flagler County.

If I don’t like the i3 Academy once school starts, can I transfer back to the FPCHS main campus?
When a student applies and is accepted to i3 they are committing to the program for one year. Transferring in the middle of the year often creates scheduling issues and could result in loss of credit(s).