A Culture That Empowers:
At the i3 Academy our culture of trust, respect, and responsibility is the foundation for everything we do. All scholars and facilitators are held to these same high standards. It is these principles of trust, respect, and responsibility that guide our scholars as they continue to grow both academically and socially in preparation for life in the real world.

At the i3 Academy, scholars are empowered to become owners of their own learning. They have a tremendous voice in their own educational experience. All scholars are encouraged to get involved and actively advocate for positive change, whether within the academy or in their community. Scholars also have opportunities to make an impact through i3 Family Time and the many different sports and after school clubs and activities that are offered through i3 and FPCHS.

Family Time
All scholars and facilitators meet together every other Friday for Family Time. This time together is used for many different purposes but always focuses on ways that we can improve who we are collectively and individually. Decisions that will affect the entire academy are always brought before the entire academy before being made. Every member of the academy has a voice in major decisions and is encouraged to become an active member of our academy.

Family Time usually begins with an update from our director about exciting things that are coming our way. After that our facilitators may lead a discussion on an academy change that they would like to see but want to gain scholar input on first. Other times our scholars may present their concerns and then we all work together to find the best possible solution. And then still other times, we might have a guest speaker who is relevant to the task at hand. The topics of discussion during Family Time are always relevant and lead toward changes that will help us to be that best that we can be. Each facilitator at i3 has their own "family". These families meet together, check scholar progress, and compete in fun games and challenges that help shape the culture of i3.

Trust Cards
All scholars and facilitators have a Trust Card that hangs on their lanyard with their ID. This card signifies that this person is a trustworthy, respectful, and responsible citizen of our academy. Along with this Trust Card comes a list of privileges that these students and facilitators may enjoy as long as they maintain ownership of the card. If a scholar or facilitator makes a poor choice and causes someone to lose trust in them, then they lose their Trust Card and all associated privileges for at least 24 hours. In order to earn their Trust Card back, they must fill out an online refocus form and then schedule a time to meet with the person that they let down.

The online refocus form gives this person a chance to reflect on their actions and make a plan to learn from the experience. A true heartfelt apology and conversation must then occur with the person that was let down. Once all of this has happened, the Trust Card will be returned and trust will be restored. We all make mistakes, it is just important that we learn from each in hopes of avoiding the same mistake in the future.

Sports and After School Clubs
A major part of the culture at i3 Academy is student empowerment. This empowerment can be seen in many ways within our classes and even in our after school clubs and activities. Scholars at the i3 Academy are able to participate in any of the athletic programs and after school clubs and activities that the main campus has to offer while also having the added option of participating in our i3 specific clubs. i3 after school club options vary from year to year based upon student interests. i3 clubs help to get our scholars involved and allow them to have a tremendous impact on the way our academy looks and functions.

i3 Ambassadors
This student group is made up of leaders on our campus that want to make a difference in our academy. They work alongside staff members to help make i3 the best that it can be. They regularly make suggestions for areas in need of improvement and then collaborate with staff to make and implement the plan. The Ambassadors also take a leadership role in the marketing for our academy. They are often seen as the faces of i3.

The Ambassadors are probably most well known for their ability to lead tour groups. We regularly host groups from around the district and state and our Ambassadors are the ones that lead these tours. Behind the scenes, the work of an Ambassador never ends. They are very active filming marketing videos, writing excerpts for marketing flyers, planning the structure and content of the tours, creating content for our website, recording sound bites for our local radio station, and even planning some of our evening events.