Future Problem Solvers Attend State Competition

Future Problem Solvers Attend State Competition
Posted on 03/25/2022
Future Problem Solvers Attend State CompetitionFPC Future Problem Solvers (FPS) and Community Problem Solvers (CmPS) teams were successful at the 2022 Florida FPS affiliate competition. The competition was held in Orlando during the week of March 21st, with FPC students competing in the middle and senior divisions.

FPS FPC Affiliate 2022 Placements

Circus Maximus
  • 2nd Place: Krish Sagar, Sean Gilliam, Jack Gilvary. Nick Groth, Chloe Long, Nick Blumengarten
  • 1st Place: Schneald Castor, Aaron Cope, Danny Wolcott, Lily Hernandez, Jake Blumengarten, Alan Hale, Mervyn Gong

Presentation of Action Plan
  • 6th Place: Hailey Tucker, Jake Blumengarten, Madi Sims, Tristan Skinner, Jack Mikutel
  • 5th Place: Michael Scarcella, Michael Maura, Danny Wolcott, Alan Hale
  • 4th Place: Noreen Fajardo, Ashley Polyak-Brown, Gabby Jurado, Chloe Long
  • 3rd Place: Isabella Colindres, Paul Grau, Sean Gilliam, Maddie Oliva
  • 2nd Place: Genesis Santiago-Gil, Paige Reckenwald, Charlotte Fletcher, Roymara Louissaint, and Lucy Noble
  • 1st Place: Emily Mooneyhan, Asia Kil, Kaylee Briggs, Nick Blumengarten, Aaron Cope, and Daniel Skinner

Group Scenario Writing

Middle Division
  • 3rd Place: Jack Mikutel
Senior Division
  • 3rd Place: Hailey Tucker
  • 2nd Place: Tristan Skinner, Isabella Colindres
  • 1st Place: Jackson Castaneda

Scenario Performance

Middle Division

  • 3rd Place: Tanya Feldman
Senior Division
  • 2nd Place, Invitation to International Competition: Isabella Colindres

Scenario Writing

Middle Division
  • 5th Place: Jack Mikutel
Senior Division
  • 5th Place: Hailey Tucker
  • 4th Place: Taylor Carol
  • 3rd Place, Invitation to International Competition:  Isabella Colindres

Community Problem Solving
  • 1st Place, Invitation to International Competition: Project ADOPT - Emma Register, Emma Lindsley, Asia Kil, Arabella Borges, Glynnis Gong

Multi-Affiliate Global Issues Competition (MAGIC)

Middle Division

  • 3rd Place: Aurora Clayton
Senior Division
  • 3rd Place: Mia Nilsen, Malina Hreib, Paige Reckenwald, Michael Johnson
  • 2nd Place: Sophia Mikos, Asia Kil
  • 1st Place: Vivian Pull, Nathanial Gasparini, Glynnis Gong and Jasmine Sites

Global Issues Problem Solving Individual
  • 7th Place: Sabrina Da-Silva-Carvalheira
  • 5th Place: Brendan Wang
  • 4th Place: Aaron Cope
  • 2nd Place: Eric Lin

Global Issues Team Writing
  • 7th Place: Jake Blumengarten, Hailey Tucker, Madi Sims, Jack Mikutel
  • 6th Place: Jack Gilvary, Kyra Baldwin,  Leila Jackson
  • 4th Place: Noreen Fajardo, Gabby Jurado, Chloe Long, and Ashley Polyak-Brown
  • 3rd Place: Jackson Castaneda, Jack Petocz, Alysa Vidal, Cameron Driggers